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Workers’ Compensation & Third Party Tort Claims

Although we focus our workers’ compensation practice on helping persons with catastrophic or permanently disabling injuries, we also help many injured workers in our community who merely need assistance with medical care issues, proper accident claim filings, or otherwise minor, yet compensable, accident injuries such as construction site falls or similar job-site accidents.

Third Party Tort Claims

We also concentrate on handling third party claims which specifically arise from workers’ compensation accidents that neither are caused by the injured worker (1st party) nor the employer (2nd party) but directly by one or more negligent third-parties.

Third-party claims can involve vehicular collisions, construction site accidents, health care malpractice, etc. Because such claims involve several different but overlapping legal areas, they can be complex on many levels. Successful case resolution requires a proper understanding of each party’s respective legal rights and reasonable win-win strategies.