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Case Experience

A law firm’s practical experience is as important as its collective legal knowledge, resources, and hard work.

Only through experience does a law firm truly learn the best methods to investigate claim facts, develop and apply legal theories, and present convincing evidence. Practical experience also provides a firm valuable insight into proper settlement evaluations and overall case presentation methods.

Notwithstanding the benefits of experience, a successful outcome in one particular case should never be used solely to predict the likely outcome in another case, regardless of factual similarities. Each case always should be viewed on its own merits. Most important, the monetary recovery in a particular case has no true direct, if any, relationship to the potential monetary recovery in another case.

We offer a no-charge consultation on all matters involving personal injuries or wrongful death. This affords the prospective client the opportunity, with only a minor investment of time, to learn more about us, hear what we think about the possible merits of a particular case, and to gain some frank and clear advice.

In addition to helping victims of workplace accidents, our firm focuses on helping those who have been injured or have lost a loved one due to the carelessness of others. Such carelessness under civil law is referred to as negligence or the failure to use ordinary, reasonable care under the circumstances. Normally, the sole legal remedy available is to seek monetary compensation in a formal claim process which may require that a lawsuit be filed.

To enlighten upon our legal case experiences, we provide the following summaries of some of the more challenging and significant cases in which our firm has been involved, either acting as lead or principal co-counsel over the last two decades. However, because most significant claims are settled on a confidential basis and, as mentioned above, monetary recoveries can be misleading, we do not disclose such terms.