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One main reason that we moved our law firm to South Asheville in 2009 was to better serve the Hendersonville and surrounding Henderson County communities.  Before our move to South Asheville, due to the distance, traffic congestion, and parking issues, many folks were reluctant to drive from Henderson County into downtown Asheville, where we had been located for nearly two decades.

Today, however, travel time from most areas in Hendersonville to our offices in South Asheville is no longer than 30 minutes, far less than the normal 50 minute drive time to downtown Asheville.  And, we are conveniently located just off Hendersonville Road in the beautiful Nettlewood Professional Park where many travel for surgical procedures at the Outpatient Surgery Center of Asheville, to catch a movie at Carolina Cinemark Theaters, or for shopping at our large Walmart.  Nettlewood Professional Park is located about four miles from the I-26 interchange with Long Shoals Road at Biltmore Town Center.

We now regularly serve the greater Hendersonville region with representation on behalf of personal injury negligence matters and workers’ compensation claims, while having considerable experience representing victims of traumatic brain injuries and neck, back or spinal cord injuries.

In and around Hendersonville, a vibrant city located in Henderson County, North Carolina, personal injury hazards exist, and personal injury law plays a crucial role in addressing them. Hendersonville, like any community, has its share of potential personal injury hazards. One common hazard is motor vehicle accidents. The city's roads can become congested, especially during peak travel times, increasing the risk of car wrecks and other vehicle collisions. Factors such as distracted driving, speeding, and impaired driving contribute to these hazards.  However, personal injury law ensures that those injured in such accidents can seek compensation for their losses and hold responsible parties accountable.

Another potential hazard in and around Hendersonville and Henderson County involves property hazards.  Property owners and businesses have a responsibility to maintain safe premises and to promptly address any potential hazards.  However, visitors on property also have a duty to use reasonable care under the circumstances to avoid any open and obvious hazards. 

In particular, construction sites in and around Hendersonville also present potential dangers. Accidents can occur due to falls from heights, machinery malfunctions, or inadequate safety measures. Construction companies must prioritize worker safety and adhere to strict safety protocols to prevent such incidents.

Lastly, too often employees of businesses in Henderson County get injured at work, which may give rise to workers’ compensation claims.  Injured workers are owed certain rights under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, which provides benefits for health care expenses and lost wages to employees who sustain compensable on-the-job accidents.   

Ultimately, visitors and residents of Hendersonville and Henderson County should be mindful of their surroundings and activities to help prevent accidents and injuries.  Everyone is required to use reasonable care under the circumstances to avoid injuries.  However, when another citizen or visitor fails to use reasonable care and injures someone, then they could be held civilly liability for damages. Personal injury law ensures that individuals who suffer harm due to negligence or misconduct can seek compensation, and the law holds responsible parties accountable for their actions.  And, the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act provides reasonable protection to workers who are injured on-the-job, whether or not someone is negligent.  

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