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Advocates for the Injured

Personal injury claims can be complex on many levels.  Most importantly, they require considerable resources and a multi-professional team to properly document the full nature and extent of all damages.  Please review the Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims section of our website, as well as our Case Experience Summaries, to learn more about the claim process and our extensive experience.

Because less serious injuries also can impose significant harm, we help to recover reasonable compensation for those who incur considerable medical care expenses and lost wages due to injuries that require physical rehabilitation but may not ultimately cause permanent disability. In addition, as we do for all of our clients, we seek compensation for the pain and suffering and inconvenience caused by such injuries.

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We help with the following personal injury & wrongful death matters:

Vehicular Collisions
Driver, passenger or pedestrian personal injury claims

Workers’ Compensation
Construction accident & occupational disease claims

Property Hazards
Electrical shock, burn, inadequate security, and fall injury claims

Child/Adolescent Sexual Abuse
We represent victims of sexual predators. These predators often work in positions of trust (e.g. recreational group leaders, foster parents, clergy, teachers, etc.) where third-party negligence may fail to prevent such traumatic assaults.

General Negligence
Incidents involving a breach of the reasonably prudent person standard by persons or corporate entities. An example would be the corporate negligence of a hospital for failing to comply with its policies and procedures aimed at patient safety, resulting in personal injury.