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Claim Preparation

We help our clients with the coordination of collateral benefits, i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security disability, and personal/employer health care, pension and disability benefit plans, in order to protect and often enhance their recoveries.

We investigate the available sources for collecting compensation: applicable insurance policies and the assets and resources of potentially responsible parties.

Furthermore, we have a network of professional consultants, e.g., private investigators, registered nurses, medical illustrators, etc., who help us investigate, document, evaluate, and present case evidence.

Equally important, we consult with treating physicans and other medical professionals to help clients get reasonable and necessary evaluation and care, to properly document client injuries and related medical conditions, and to ensure an appreciation of how our clients’ injuries affect their daily lives.

Finally, we often perform focus groups to assess case issues, formulate trial strategies, and to determine reasonable compensation amounts for our clients.