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True Understanding: Jay Kerr

My father became disabled when my sisters and I were young. Our family nearly lost everything, but my parents got good legal advice and persevered. My mother became a paralegal for the attorney who helped us. My father became our hero who preserved our future through wisdom, frugality and dignity. And I became a personal injury attorney focused on matters of personal injury, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death, who truly understands when serious personal injuries hit home. Today, as a father myself, I passionately strive to help those in Asheville and the surrounding area, who suffer disabling personal injuries or the loss of a loved one find justice while working to protect children from carelessness.

Plain & Simple: We Take Action

Many of our clients are unable to take care of their families or themselves because of serious injuries, or they have unexpectedly lost a loved one. They need clear and frank advice, but most of all they need us to take action to protect their rights and to seek reasonable compensation. Ultimately, it takes knowledge, resources, dedication, and hard work to help our clients through what possibly is the toughest time of their lives.

We are a boutique personal injury law firm

Small but resourceful enough to give highly-personal, effective service. Especially in today’s technology-immersed world, we believe that our clients are best served by regular, face-to-face meetings about their matters.


Hiring a professional, any professional, to help with a serious matter can be downright scary.  We understand and respect that better than most.  Accordingly, we don’t ask for a client’s trust.  We gain it by being respectful, decent and simply doing what we say we are going to do. Although we help those who have been injured or who have lost a loved one, we are most passionate about helping disempowered workers and innocent children who become disabled by serious injuries. We respect all human experiences, and we strive to protect lives, liberties and our diverse pursuits of happiness. And when serious injuries or a loved one’s death affects those rights, we dedicate our professional efforts to seek fair and just compensation, as well as to shape attitudes about safety and to effect reasonable, protective changes. Ultimately, we believe that the law allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things. In 1998, we started a new law practice keenly focused on the above principles. Our practice primarily has been built upon referrals from former and current clients, attorney colleagues, and other community members, all who have confidence in our services. Ultimately, we always encourage prospective clients to ask about our reputation in the community.