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A Focus on Children and Families

We strongly believe in all families – no matter how or why they come together.

And we respect the hard work, commitment, sacrifice, and resources it takes to rear children in a stable, safe, and healthy environment, especially if you are a single, working or disabled parent.

We are dedicated supporters of theChildren’s Law Project, a program directed by Pisgah Legal Services, a non-profit organization that pursues justice by providing legal assistance and advocacy to help low-income people in western North Carolina meet their basic needs and improve their lives.

The Children’s Law Project helps disadvantaged children avoid homelessness, access essential services such as medical care and public education, and escape situations of abuse. ¬†Please learn more about Pisgah Legal Services by exploring what they do at www.pisgahlegal.org.


We also are proud supporters of Court Watch of North Carolina, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps children and families who need assistance in the court system.

Court Watch was founded in 1986 by Jay’s mother, Virginia Nuss Kerr. As a volunteer monitoring domestic sessions in Guilford County district court, through a program sponsored by the Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women, Virginia felt the heartache of children who too often became victims of absent parents not paying child support.

Today, while celebrating its 25th anniversary, Court Watch’s Child Support Assistance program is widely-known for distributing “most wanted” posters with photos of absent parents who are seriously behind in paying child support. Over 600 posters are distributed throughout several North Carolina counties.

Court Watch also strives to improve the North Carolina judicial system by investigating relevant judicial issues, evaluating judges, and performing various studies on court-related topics. To learn more, please visit www.courtwatchnc.org.

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